"The tools that Melody taught me continue to come in helpful all the time and I wouldn't hesitate to come back for help with other life challenges."

– Rebecca, New Plymouth, P.A.


Here’s what some of my lovely clients have had to say.

I met Melody during the toughest time in my life in 2016 when our unborn son passed away. Melody has helped me more than words could really express. Together we have worked through my grief, despair, anxiety and all the other challenges of continuing life after major trauma. Melody's kind, caring and generous approach has given me much comfort and the tools she has taught me will help me in all facets of my life now and in the future. I have had a range of different kinds of counseling and psychology over the years and have found Melody and NLP to be incredibly effective, achieving immediate improvements in quality of sleep, mood, appetite and general well being. I recommend this wonderful lady and her NLP therapy to everyone!


– Kaz Dombroski, Mother and Teacher.

“As well as personal training I have also had some NLP sessions with Melody. I've been surprised and pleased to find that situations previously triggering inappropriate emotional reactions, were non-events afterwards. I've known Melody for a few years now and totally respect the way she's continued her learning, so that she can offer her clients a more holistic approach in order to help them. She's a delight to be around, presenting a happy and positive outlook and takes great pride in her work. She has the ability to convey information that is practical to you. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Melody, who, I'm sure, would play a significant part in your journey towards better health and wellness. My contact details are with Melody, by all means, give me a call if you have any further questions.”

– Serena, North Shore, I.T. Business Analyst

“When I first came to Melody I was experiencing anxiety and mild panic attacks. After three NLP sessions the panic was gone and I had new strategies to handle the anxiety. The tools that Melody taught me continue to come in helpful all the time and I wouldn't hesitate to come back for help with other life challenges. I'm so grateful to have access to such professional and personal care of my body and soul.”

– Rebecca, New Plymouth, P.A.

“I started working with Melody in June 2014. I started coaching with Melody to improve my communication skills since I was about to start a challenging new job. Melody helped me to build my confidence and to find new solutions for my communication problems. She's a great coach, who always tried her best to find solutions to my challenges and was also always available when I needed her.”

– L. F. New Plymouth, Manager

NLP Life Coaching: “Melody is a coach who genuinely cares for you and your circumstances. She consciously prepares each session with your needs in mind. Melody is completely confidential.”

– A.B. Primary School Teacher

“Some years ago I fell off a pushbike and fractured four vertebrae. The timing for this couldn’t have been worse because in a couple of months I had a trip to the UK and Europe planned and my flights were already booked and paid for. Melody was recommended to me by a mutual friend (Serena). Melody showed me how to strengthen my back muscles carefully while my injuries healed to prepare me for the trip ahead. She also made sure that I knew key stretches and exercises that I could use while I was travelling.

I am pleased to say that I had a wonderful time on my trip and Melody’s expertise was a major contributing factor. Following the trip I’ve worked with Melody to improve my posture and movement. For example, the way I walked, i.e. favouring various parts of my body. She began by observing me after walking behind me, and then re-taught me how to walk. We've gone from there and I simply wouldn't be without her. She keeps in touch regularly, even though we live many miles apart. She is always there for advice and adjustments to my exercise plan if I need it. I've also seen her take an exercise class and it is quite a wonder to see. To be in a relationship of both personal training and NLP support is something I would not want to do without. I would recommend her to anybody, at any age.”

– Janice, North Shore, Retired Nurse

“After years of being totally unfit, not even able to walk up a hill without puffing, joining several gyms and always giving up after 3 or 4 sessions Melody was recommended to me as a personal trainer. What a transformation! I really looked forward to our training sessions. I was positively encouraged, worked hard, learned all about how to train without risking injury, got fit and developed a lifelong love of it! We did challenges and adventures, climbing Rangitoto and doing a half marathon. Things I'd never dreamed I could achieve. Melody is passionate and enthusiastic about her clients and will find a way, whatever it takes, to help you, both with physical problems and mental challenges. For example, I suffered unusual muscle pains whilst climbing, Melody taught me the correct posture and I haven't had problems since.”

– Serena, North Shore, I.T. Business Analyst

“Since working with Melody I feel fitter, stronger and more importantly healthier. My blood pressure is down and I find her voice guiding me even when she’s not there. With close to four decades of experience and practise in the fitness industry I know that with Melody I’m in great hands. The programme I’m on is my very own, individually designed, and continually adjusted to help me achieve what I want and what I need – a fitter, healthier, more sustainable me. I’ve never known any fitness professional as professional and well-practised as Melody.”

– Karina, New Plymouth, Interior Designer and mother of 3

“I love Melody's approach to personal training. Suffering neck and shoulder discomfort I sought Melody's help. She explored my symptoms, analysed my posture and talked me through possible causes. She provided me with a personalised plan of exercises with explanations of what they aimed to achieve and she specifically designed my programme around my lifestyle. After only a few weeks I have noticed significant improvement. I'm in less discomfort and I'm sleeping better. Best of all her programme is resetting my natural posture and will benefit me for years to come.”

– Rebecca, New Plymouth, P.A.

“Melody is an exceptional personal trainer. I've never met another fitness professional with her level of skill in spotting the cause of discomfort and teaching people how to quickly and effectively eliminate it. Since training with Melody, aches and pains I had previously had for years are now consigned to the past and I am in the best shape I've been for a long time. Every training session is enjoyable in a great environment and I look forward to working with Melody for years to come.”

– R. P. New Plymouth, Manager