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Take a Sabbatical

Oct 14, 2015

It can be really hard to think of anything else when you’re caught up with worrying about some _ major future decision.  Especially those decisions that are preceded with _should I this or _ should I that?  Black and white thinking and dwelling on stuff can actually make it harder to find solutions.

Sometimes making _ a major future decision can be hampered by things like:

a) Insufficient information

b) Worry fatigue

c) Too many other things to think about at the moment

Worry Buster Tip #3: Take a Sabbatical

A sabbatical (according to my dictionary app) … is any authorised leave from one’s job for the purpose of _ rest or study.

You could actually choose _ not to make a particular decision for the time being. Say to yourself something like “I’m not ready to make this decision _ yet. I’ll take a sabbatical and think about it again in x days’ time”, then _ put the date in your diary.

But isn’t that just procrastinating you may be thinking?

Definitely not!  Procrastination is simply putting something off until later but it doesn’t necessarily stop you from thinking about it. In fact it usually just amplifies any negative feelings and dials up the pressure gage.  Procrastination lacks purpose and planning.

By utilising the Sabbatical model in your own personal way _ you will be authorising yourself to take a specified time away from trying to make that decision and a diarised date for your return. Putting you right back in the driver’s seat where you belong _ you get to plan how to get the most from your sabbatical

a) Enjoy a complete rest from thinking about the future decision

b) Focus your thoughts and mental energy in the present here and now

c) Gather more information

Take a personalised and purposeful sabbatical _ and see if you gain a better perspective, find solutions easier and most important Feel Better.

As Kahlil Gibran once wrote:

“The mountain to the climber is clearer from the plane”

Yours in Health & Happiness