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Don't Worry, Be Happy

Sep 9, 2015

Know that song by Bobby McFerrin?

I used to be a real worry wart so perhaps it isn't surprising that I would groan whenever I heard that song. However, working in the health and fitness field made me all too aware of the health risks associated with prolonged stress due to out of control worrying. Oh great, another thing for me to worry about! And to be honest with you, my own health became affected before I learned how to worry more constructively and stress less.

Worrying isn't all bad though. In fact it is our ability to perceive potential dangers and explore every possibility before putting ourselves at risk that ensures our survival.

So here are some tips for worrying constructively that I have collected and used both with myself and with my clients, with excellent results.

Tip #1

Set aside 15-30 minutes for worrying during the day. When you notice yourself worrying at any other time, write the worry down and keep it for later. This will free your mind so you can focus on the here and now.

When it is your chosen time to deal with your worry list for the day, try using the following template to write down the specifics of each if your worries:

- "I am worried about..."

- "The worse that can happen is..."

- "The best that can happen is..."

- "Things I can do now are..."

- "Other factors to remember are..."

Applying this first tip made a tremendous difference for me, and I know it will work for you too.

Give it a go for a week or two and please post on Facebook to let me know how it's helping. And check back next Wednesday for Tip #2

 Yours in Health and Happiness