After years of being totally unfit, not even able to walk up a hill without puffing, Melody was recommended to me as a personal trainer. What a transformation!

– Serena, North Shore, I.T. Business Analyst

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Welcome to the Jukebox Gym!

Aug 7, 2015

Hi Everyone. Welcome to the inaugural blog of my new website. It’s great to have the site up after a couple of months of really hard work to get it all together.

I thought I would begin my blogging by letting you in on the latest developments with the studio here.    

I’ve officially named it The Jukebox Gym … logo and all.  The photo below is of the island/bar end of the studio (unseen in the other gym photos).  So this is the big reveal… ta da!


My favourite feature of all is my actual juke box. For the technophiles out there, it is an iPad Air 2 with two Bluetooth UE Megaboom speakers. The juke box functionality is via music streaming.

As a Baby Boomer I must admit that I’m totally amazed when I look at the petite iPad and think of the world of music it brings to its listeners. The purple cylinder shaped petite speakers have such sweet sound at comfortable levels.  So this means I can make good on my promise “with music to suit your taste”.

Yours in Health and Fitness.