About Me

“What truly matters is how you see yourself and how you feel from the inside out”

Born in Canada, I moved to New Zealand in 1980. By 1983 I started my business known then as Fitness Unlimited Aerobics, which, rapidly expanded to two centres in Auckland and franchises in four major cities. In 1996, I reinvented Fitness Unlimited and opened NZ’s first boutique personal training studio in St Heliers, Auckland. 

This concept was a great success for the many clients who achieved so much because they were totally at ease with me in a private studio environment and a great atmosphere. I believe it is important for my clients to have a good time along with a good exercise session and for them to leave feeling energised and uplifted.

I am passionate about working with my clients to optimise improved function on all levels. Mind and body are intrinsically linked – it is great when one or the other are working well however when both are working better together …Wow, it’s like you are operating on a whole new level. So much more is possible when we are feeling more empowered and living with purpose. 

Our time together will be uplifting, enjoyable, informative and affirming.  As the client, you will be in charge of the outcomes we work towards and I will do my utmost assisting you to reach these outcomes.  My clients are often pleasantly surprised at the ease with which they can improve their physical condition or change even long-term patterns of thinking, behaviours or emotional responses.

“Live With Purpose & Passion and Exercise With Focus & Attitude" 

My Professional Values

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